Broadcasting Media
  1. Talk Show on "the Tao" The Korea Educational Broadcasting System, October, 1992
  2. Talk Show on "Tao and Psychotherapy" MBC Radio, October, 1997
  3. Program "Renowned Korean Doctor" introduced Prof. RHEE, Ch.20(MBN), April, 1999
  Print Media
  1. "Psychotherapy and Society Treatment," Hankookilbo(The Korea Times), June, 1959
  2. "Psychoanalysis and It's Development," The Korea University Weekly, June, 1974
  3. "Characteristics of Modern People's Insanity," The Weekly Chosun, May, 1979
  4. "The Psychology of Dictators," The Monthly Chosun, June, 1980
  5. "Student's Mental Health," The Monthly Chosun, September, 1983
  6. "Overcoming The Evils of Individualism Through Familism, "Health Journal, January, 1991
  7. Interviewed on "Fever of World Cup in Korea" by JoongAng Daily, June, 2002
  8. Interviewed on "2002 World Cup Korea-Japan" by Tokyoshinmoon(Japanese), July, 2002
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